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Will India enter a recession by end of 2024 ?

India's Finance Ministry warns of a 2024 recession due to uncertainties like higher food and energy prices. October saw a record trade deficit from increased imports and decreased exports. Despite strong rural demand and a positive services sector, inflation is a concern. The ministry anticipates controlled inflation with falling crude oil prices. Private consumption drives growth, reinforced by the festive season. The impact of monetary policy on domestic demand is acknowledged. A recession, defined as two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth, is a looming concern.

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Will Indian startups raise more funding in

2024 as compared to 2023?

In 2023, 980 startups raised over $11 billion, with $8.8 billion in growth stage deals and $2.5 billion in early-stage funding. Two new unicorns, Zepto and InCred, emerged. Funding declined from $25 billion in 2022. Top fundraisers were PhonePe, Flipkart, and Lenskart. Monthly funding dipped below $500 million three times. DMI Finance and Ola Electric also featured in the top 5. The top 10 included Udaan, Byju’s, Zepto, Perfios, and GreyOrange.




Why Trade Only Stocks ?

Invest in your point of view

Griffy empowers users to trade their opinions enabled by a price point.

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Why Griffy ?

About Us

Griffy stands as a skill-based opinion trading platform with a genuine commitment to its users and partners. Renowned for its user-friendly interface and robust trade settlement processes, Griffy is among the most convenient and technically sound platforms.

The platform not only furnishes users with essential details for trading but also ensures comprehensive information related to their trades.

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